Posted on 24th May, 2012


This is my answer to a recent question on this site - not really to do with construction - but is an important household energy saving idea:


"What can I save by buying an eco-kettle?"


There are 'eco-kettles' and 'energy efficient' kettles. Both types have an obvious saving, which is the ability to boil just one cup of water instead of the two or three cups which a normal kettle requires when filled to the 'minimum' mark.


To give an example: According to the energy meter, our kettle costs 41p/hr to run. It takes 70 secs to boil when filled to the minimum, so if it is used say 12 times per day, it will cost 12 x 41p x (0.019444 hrs) = 9.6p/day = £34.92 / year.

Minimum fill quantity is 500ml whereas one cup = 150ml, so we are boiling 3.333 times as much water as we need each time (if only one cup is required).

A ‘one-cup’ boil kettle would therefore cost £10.48 / year, saving £24.44 / year. Eco kettle prices appear to range from around £20.00 upwards – so you would cover the cost in about a year and save over £20.00 per year afterwards for the life of the kettle.


The 'energy efficient' kettles appear to have (rather simply) a 'one-cup' indicator - which does the job OK but you would have to refill it each time you wanted a cup of water boiled. It is quoted as being 'up to 66% more energy efficient' - which I assume is because it can boil as little as one cup whereas most electric kettles will boil two or three cups if filled up to the minimum mark.


The so-called 'eco' kettles have the added advantage of a dual chamber design which allows you to fill up the kettle and then just press a plunger or button to boil just one cup.



This one is available at the Ethical Superstore:


Hope this is useful.




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