What You Need to Start Building

Posted on 13th March, 2013

Recently asked by a prospective client: "What do I need to get you to do for me so that I can buy a new site and start building?", here is what I said:


Every client's needs are different, but this is what I would advise that you need from me as a minimum:

  • Pre-purchase site analysis including soil investigation, planning status and any other issues which might influence your buying decision
  • Survey and mapping for your solicitors to transfer the land to your name
  • Detailed site survey including levels, etc.
  • Preliminary design to suit your site and revisions or re-designs as necessary in order to get everything correct from the start.
  • Planning application and negotiations with the planners to get your chosen house design approved
  • Compliance with all other necessary approvals, including; Building Control application, Effluent Discharge Consent application, Electrical Supply application, Roads and Water Service applications, etc.
  • Fully specified and detailed working drawings. Attention to detail at the design stage will prevent the dreaded ‘extras’ (i.e extra costs added by the builder for items not included on the drawings) at the end of the building project.
  • Site inspection service covered by PII (Professional Indemnity Insurance) which provides certificates to reassure you and/or your lenders; that the building work has been carried out properly in accordance with the approved drawings.


I can offer much more of course - just click the tab for the ‘Advice’ page to find out ...


Most importantly to begin with, I am happy to visit any site that you have in mind in order to give you professional advice on it.


Does this help? Let me know.

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