Size is Important

Posted on 15th August, 2009


There is a silver lining behind the grey clouds of the current hibernating housing market and the soaring costs of food and fuel  - and it is this which gives us an ideal opportunity as designers and home-builders to ‘right-size’ our houses.

Key Points

  • Every house should be matched to the needs and wants of its occupants with a little bit of leeway to ‘future-proof’ the use of the house as far as can be reasonably predicted. The old idea of building big, then downsizing when the teens have fled the nest is maybe not such a good idea nowadays, where you are targeting a small percentage of the buying market in selling the big house.
  • A house designed to meet the actual needs of the family can often be designed smaller than many people think they need and the money saved can be put to better use in building a house with character and beauty which is much more energy efficient and uses a lot less raw materials in its construction.
  • Bigger houses can still be made to have a low environmental impact. Where these houses are essential they must incorporate a holistic low-carbon, low-impact design philosophy from the start.

 For ideas on making best use of small spaces, read this article: "15 Best Small Space Decorating Ideas" by Jen Miller.

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