Posted on 9th May, 2017

The UK’s small house builders play a vital role in meeting the increasing demand for new homes, but this important sector of the house-building industry is in decline and facing a number of significant challenges.





In the recently published NHBC report “Small House Builders And Developers: Current Challenges To Growth”; 38% of the companies surveyed ranked ‘the planning process and associated costs’ as their most serious business challenge and 31% ranked it as their second main challenge. This presents a more pessimistic view of the situation than in 2014.

The report examines the factors that are currently limiting business growth, pinpointing those areas of the planning process that require improvement and highlighting the need for improved access to smaller, viable sites.

Regularly published planning performance statistics do not reveal the real problems faced by many small builders and designers, in terms of time spent waiting for decisions and responses from consultees. We need a faster and much more consistent planning process and the necessity for politicians and planning authorities to act on this is clear.

Creating smaller living spaces is fast becoming a priority among clients looking for affordable building solutions. Check out this article by Jen Miller "15 Best Small Space Decorating Ideas" for some great ideas on making best use of small spaces.

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