Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Posted on 10th December, 2009

Building energy efficient homes is important, but no system will work properly if the users abuse it. As an example, think about how many ‘computer problems’ are not really computer problems at all. Many of the trends of building usage over the last few decades have been going in a direction that must be reversed – higher indoor temperatures, whole house heating, a proliferation of new electronic appliances, some of great energy consumption and so on.

Energy Reduction…   

There are four distinct parts to the energy reduction in buildings:

  1. An improved thermal & air-sealed envelope for buildings
  2. More efficient appliances and building controls
  3. Decarbonised sources of energy, whether from the grid or locally generated
  4. Changes in personal attitudes and behaviour in respect of the profligate use of energy.

The first three are matters of engineering, and the last a matter of psychology and sociology. I believe that the last is as important on its own as the first three put together.


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