Community Planning

Posted on 10th February, 2011

Community Planning

Hi, are you aware of the Consultation on Community Planning yet? (See Below) Seems important to me, but it also seems that the bureaucracy & the political class have minimal interest in actual engagement, going by the timescale (Closes 11th March 2011). We should talk about this as is has the potential to impact directly on our lives, work and businesses - so please read the document before responding!

No doubt you have your own views on the matter, but my opinion is that just because the system is used elsewhere in the UK, doesn't necessarily make it a good one here - unless we have a really good think about it first!


Regards, Les O'Donnell.  


Consultation (From the website).

The Environment Minister, Edwin Poots, has announced a consultation on how local government reform may proceed, which includes a section on community planning. The consultation on community planning is now open and closes 11th March 2011. Under the Review of Public Administration it was proposed that a number of powers would be devolved to the new, local councils. As part of this process councils were also due to be given responsibility for community planning for their area. When the Review of Public Administration was suspended earlier this year the planned introduction of Community planning was also suspended. The Environment Minister, Edwin Poots, has now announced a consultation on how local government reform may proceed, which includes a section on community planning. Community planning has long been a feature of local government elsewhere in the UK and the idea is that through a community planning process, local people, community and voluntary sector groups and the private sector, will have a say in the decision-making process affecting the delivery of public services and policies in their area. This consultation gives people in Northern Ireland the opportunity to shape the future of community planning in Northern Ireland, particularly the process and how that will work. I therefore encourage you to take this opportunity to have your voice heard by responding to the consultation.

Respondents are asked to consider the following questions:

1. Do you agree that councils should lead and facilitate community planning and that a requirement should be placed on them to do so?

2. What are your views on departments and statutory bodies being required to participate in and support community planning?

3. Should councils be required to publish community plans for their districts, and to review these as necessary?

4. Do you agree that the Department should be able to issue guidance to support community planning, and in relation to the format and content of a council's community plan?



The consultation document can be downloaded at the following link:> The relevant pages are 37 - 40 and comments should be sent by 11th March to: Policy and Legislation Unit

Local government policy division

Department of the Environment

8th Floor, Goodwood House

44 - 58 May St




More info at:

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