Firewood - Standard Units

Posted on 20th October, 2011

In our PowerNI BIG Energy Saving Challenge, I have been collecting data on our households' energy usage. One little difficulty that has arisen is how to quantify and place a cost / value on firewood.


Bags seem to be the standard unit of sale for firewood - but I have also been seeing pallet and trailer loads advertised - so it can be difficult to apply a suitable standard unit. The other thing is that hardwoods will generally be heavier than softwoods (but not always) - and there is a difference in the amount of heat that the two types can generate. Moisture content also affects both heat output and weight.


For now though, I will use cubic metres - and just need to know the average weight.


Question: How much of your firewood in terms of weight does it take to fill an ordinary 25kg coal or bag?


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Sorry Les can't help as I don't burn wood regularly. Try a biomass willow chipping site or supplier to see how they worked out their figures. It must have been done somewhere before!