Loft Insulation - DIY or Contractors ?

Posted on 11th November, 2011

Hi All,

I have recently been looking at insulation costs and doing a few sums.

Below are typical loft insulation costs from PowerNI (based on contractors 'provide & install' prices):

Flat                                           £385

Mid Terrace                             £323

End Terrace                            £303

Semi Bungalow                       £404

Detached Bungalow               £524

Semi Detached House           £327

Detached House                     £459


For the PowerNI Cashback offer, subtract £150 from the total.


There were no further details on how these costs were estimated so I tried this quick calculation for a DIY project: Take as an average sort of example a house with 125m2 of loft space which is currently insulated with 100mm of glassfibre, so it will need another 170mm of insulation to bring it up to an acceptable standard.

B&Q are currently selling 170mm rolls of ‘Everyday Eco Loft’ insulation rolls at £3.12/roll. Each roll covers 5.5m2 so for the 125m2 loft you need 23 rolls, costing £71.76. If you can tackle this simple DIY or get a friend to do it, you could insulate this size of loft for less than £100.00, including your fuel costs to and from the store.

Even if the house had absolutely no loft insulation, a DIY 400mm installation (46 Knauf rolls from B&Q at £3.00 for a 200mm roll) would still only cost £138.00 !

There are plenty of other deals on insulation, so shopping around could get even better results.


Any questions or suggestions? Please post your comments below.


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