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Leslie O’Donnell  B.Eng. (Hons)  MCIAT


.. is a Chartered Architectural Technologist and a Structural Engineer with over thirty years experience in designing, checking and supervising the construction of buildings. He writes regularly for the construction press in the UK and Ireland. Landmark Designs operates from rural County Tyrone in Northern Ireland and provides design, consultancy and advice for a wide range of construction works. Building projects are mostly in the UK or Ireland (some have also been completed overseas) and have included ...

  • eco-cottages
  • innovative dwellings
  • traditional farmhouses
  • low-carbon townhouses
  • eco-farm developments
  • listed building conservation
  • permaculture education centre
  • sustainable homes
  • log cabins
  • micro-dwellings
  • churches and other public buildings
  • commercial premises
  • engineering workshops





Design Objectives 


The aim of the design service is to produce work of  high aesthetic value which is functional, affordable and sustainable.


The needs and wishes of clients are carefully incorporated into the design solution and unusual building requirements or planning constraints are always looked upon as opportunities for the use of lateral thinking and the application of non-mainstream ideas.


A holistic approach to human ecology is adopted in all design work, integrating ideas and practice relating to the provision of a healthy living environment, use of land, energy conservation, reducing waste and using renewable, recycled and recyclable materials.



eco design for sustainable homes

Design for Sustainability


A house designed to meet the actual needs of a modern family can sometimes be designed smaller than many people think they need and the money saved can be put to better use in building a house with character and beauty which is more energy efficient and uses less raw materials in its construction.


"A beautiful building is going to be more eco-friendly in the long term, since it will be more likely that future owners will want to preserve it and if necessary, eventually re-model it instead of resorting to demolition".



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