Conservation of old beach cottage

Eco-Design     Design for true sustainability.

Use only local renewable sources for materials and energy.
Create harmony between people and the environment.
Make the right structures for resilient communities.
Save our built heritage through sensitive conservation.
Create new buildings with positive environmental qualities.
Help to reduce the rate of human-aided climate change.
Enhance quality of life for the occupants of the building.
Use efficient technology to replace inefficient technology.


does not always have simple solutions. The remains of the cottage shown above is an example of vernacular architecture, which posed many challenges to truly sustainable restoration. The image on the right is the successfully completed restoration, resulting in an energy-efficient dwelling on a beautiful beach-front site.

Conservation of old cottage completed


Must be an integrated process, through co-operation between designer and client from the start, in selecting:

  • A suitable site (get us to check it before you buy it)
  • An overall sustainable design concept
  • Materials and their procurement
  • Construction methods and sustainable building management
  • Renewable energy & zero-carbon technologies
  • Water conservation methods
  • Transport and waste requirements to eliminate pollution
  • Enhancement measures for local ecology & eco-systems
  • Healthy materials and processes
Energy efficient town house

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