"Good design is not a cost, it is an investment."


 Zero-Rated V.A.T.


Although you can reclaim VAT on the building costs of new-build projects in the UK - you cannot reclaim VAT paid on any professional or supervisory services, such as work carried out for you by architects or surveyors, etc. (www.hmrc.gov.uk)


Landmark Designs does not charge VAT, which is equivalent to a valuable 20% discount off your design fees for a new-build project (when compared to designers who charge VAT).

Value-for-Money Fees

If you would like to know more about prices, it doesn't cost anything to ask. 

In brief, I use the fee method which is fairest to you. This could be:

  • As a percentage of the building costs: This will vary with how much you want the designer to do, so please contact us to discuss the options.
  • Based on the floor area: This is applied with a ‘sliding scale’ approach that relates to the complexity and type of building, so a large simple building could cost no more than a small complex one. You will still need to know how much the designer intends to do for you. (Design Services.)
  • Flat fee: This suits projects where the design brief is clear and concise.

Cheap Versus Quality?

  • The construction costs (including the design fees) of a building are small in relation to long-term maintenance and running costs.
  • A design which takes time to work out what is best for your needs will result in a cost-effective building project.  
  • A cheap design will leave you with a building that has not been carefully designed with the highest standards of accuracy or quality of information and will cost you more to build and to maintain in the future. 
  • Methods of construction which have been specified using well-researched professional design knowledge will save you money in the long term.
  • If you are building to sell, the benefits of good quality design will always help to fetch a better price.
If you want to know more about this, read this brief report by CABE.


Or ask for my free factsheet: "Obtaining Estimates For Design Fees"