A Structural Engineer can:

  • Design and analyse safe structures
  • Provide structural engineer's calculations
  • Solve structural problems

These three headings include a multitude of possible things that a structural engineer can do for you, too many to list here - but here a few typical examples:

Structural Steel Frame


Can include designing any building or part of a building, such as:

  • Steel framed structures and portal frames
  • Steel beams and connections
  • Reinforced concrete framed structures
  • Reinforced concrete foundations and bases
  • Masonry walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Steel and timber roof trusses
  • Timber frame structures
Oak Roof Trusses


These are required to prove that the building complies with the relevant British Standards or Eurocodes. Calculations are often requested by Building Control to verify the structural adequacy and stability of the building or parts of the building. They are also required by other engineers working for contractors or public works authorities.


Steel Portal Frame


Sometimes, I am asked to advise on a relatively simple matter such as: "what is likely to happen if I take away this wall?" or "what size of beam do I need over this wall opening?"


Sometimes, the question is much more complex. For instance, the final image on this page shows part of a 1,600 m2 (17,222 ft2) building which was extensively fire damaged.

The project design brief included:

  • Assess the potential of the whole building for repair or rebuild
  • Analyse the existing steelwork and assess for possible re-use
  • Provide a solution for strengthening the cracked concrete walls
  • Design the new steel frames, walls, roofs and reinforced concrete foundations

If you have a question, big or small, about a building or structure - which requires a proper answer: 

Please call, email or message me here.



Fire Damage to Structural Steelwork